807-811 Warrigal Rd, Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia, 3166
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Bed Bath Car Price Internal m2 View Floor Plan
1 1 0 $406,000 - $510,000 48.9 - 66.2 Enquire Now
2 1 1 $520,000 - $710,000 61.3 - 80.3 Enquire Now
2 2 1 $584,000 - $723,000 69.9 - 77.4 Enquire Now
2 2.5 1 $970,000 107.8 - 107.9 Enquire Now
3 2 1 $920,000 - $1,138,000 87.1 - 119.2 Enquire Now
3 3.5 2 $1,220,000 148.8 Enquire Now
Project Summary

Housing a collection of stunning 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and townhouses featuring a suite of luxurious amenities, Oros signals a new precedent in modern living.

Defined by a discernibly modern facade, witnessed in Oros’ architecture is an unwavering commitment to opulence with each design element reaching new heights of sophistication and luxury. Distinguished by its truly innovative form, the luxuriant selection of facilities and the simply stunning presentation the building makes to Oakleigh.

Oros epitomises what can be achieved when well-appointed interiors and convenient solutions fuse to form modern homes. A methodically crafted kitchen features European appliances, a pull out pantry, cutting-edge fixtures and an indulgent blend of textural materials. Oros’ interiors embody an uncompromising quality of design.

Distinguished by an enviable collection of premium amenities; thoughtfully designed for an unparalleled experience, residents are able to disconnect from the chaos of the city bustle, while the option to reconnect remains at their fingertips. With a bend toward promoting health and wellbeing, onsite recreational facilities include a yoga studio, bocce field, gymnasium and indoor heated swimming pool, all of which have been designed using state-of-the-art equipment.

The inclusion of numerous communal spaces, including a verdant rooftop garden, modern cinema space, restaurant, cafe, supermarket and lobby, invite opportunities to create social connections, while adding an air of convenience to the apartments.

Oros enjoys access to a multitude of recreation options in Oakleigh’s public sporting facilities and parks, as well as accessibility to the CBD with close proximity Oakleigh Train Station. A neighbour to global icons like Chadstone Shopping Centre and Monash University, and with a foodie culture rivalling the best, here you will find an unwavering commitment to a lifestyle that celebrates the finer things in life.


1. OROS Member service: 

All the services you will be deserved to enjoy after becoming OROS owner. 

OROS Concierge

OROS offers luxury “Hotel style” concierge services and valet parking service operating 24 hours. This exclusive service is perfect for those who are time poor and want to balance their lifestyle and wellbeing or simply wants to enjoy the convenience.

Laundry Service

Need that suit dry cleaned before a big meeting? Got that basket full of clothes ready to be washed? With our OROS app, exclusive to OROS residents you can arrange to drop off and pick up your clothing when it suits you from your phone anytime, anywhere. 


OROS considers safety one of the highest priorities for all their residents. To ensure you can enjoy a big night out with your friends, family or co-workers, without the risk of you drink driving home, OROS provides all their residents the ability to arrange a driver for yourself to drive both you and your car home safely.

House Keeping

Ever wanted your own personal butler? OROS butler service allows you to book and arrange house-keeping duties via our app. No longer will you have to spend your precious time cleaning up after yourself. All apartments come with room cleaning services so you can devote your time to more important matters without stressing over cleaning your home a tiring day.

OROS Meal Delivery 

Don’t have the time to prepare your own meals, but don’t feel like leaving your apartment? You don’t have to, using OROS’s app you can order and pay for your restaurant meals via selected restaurants and have them delivered to your door, leaving you more time to relax.

Private Chef

Ever wanted to experience the life of a superstar?! Would you like to have your own private chef cook and prepare your most desired meals for you? Another exclusive service we offer at OROS is the ability to book your own private chef through our OROS butler service. We ensure that all your needs will be satisfied.

Event Hosting

Have something to celebrate with friends, family or co-workers? OROS concierge is there to arrange your parties, functions and events for you. They’ll provide you with catering and help plan out the event’s program to your specifications. Allowing you to relax and tend to yourself before the big occasion.

Vendor Discount

To improve your experience even more, all OROS residents will receive unique member discounts with associated vendors. OROS partner merchants and associated vendors, include almost every category; such as groceries, restaurants, beauty stores, travel agents and much more. This discount is exclusive to OROS residence. 

Personal Shopping

Many people today are working longer hours leaving them little time to spend with family and friends, never mind finding the time and energy for daily chores and personal shopping. Through our OROS concierge service you can request your personal shopping to be done and delivered for you!

2. OROS smart home system 

OROS apartment will integrate the smart home system make your life easier, here are some examples: 

Electric blinds and curtains 

Different styles of blinds and curtains – diversified electric motors – sunlight is tuned to light up your life and increase vibrancy in your everyday living.    

All panels and switches are there to create magnificent lighting to serve different environments, giving a perfect touch to the sensation. Smartly designed to be energy saving, a variety of materials joined by different tastes of art and the beautiful outlook provide answers to an extensive needs of contemporary art. 

Smart lighting 

 It is not only manual control of lighting switch, or change of colour, or remote control. 

Smart lighting means personalised lighting, increased comfort and the ability to anticipate how you should be served in lighting. 

Different lighting is needed when meeting guests, reading, or staying with family. Lumen is adjusted accordingly to create the right atmosphere, or be soften to make us pleased – lighting is shifted to serve different feeling, all with a one-touch on the smart button. 

Security and surveillance

Safety, not only important but necessary as well, is a base on which families and the community survive. 

Our surveillance technology, supported by remote control monitoring 24-hours ready and standby, is set to prevent and deter crimes. Social order is maintained and disasters are prevented to minimise loss and damage to our lives and properties. 

Audio, video and entertainment

Smart theatres turn your personal needs to a tailored home cinema. Most functions are engineered into one-touch operation so all the complicated equipment and control panel are made quick and easy.  

Enjoy professional level audio-visual entertainment at home without the need to wait for the movie schedules. Do it at your time. Do it whenever you like. No need to line up to share the crowded public resources.


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